Pipe fitter

Measuring, drawing and manufacturing of pipe sections

What is a pipe fitter

A pipe fitter (or simply fitter) is a technician who is involved in the assembly, installation and repair of various types of pipes, pipelines, piping systems and similar pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. This may include, for example, oil or gas pipes, pipes for chemical substances, heating and cooling systems or watering installations.

What does a pipe fitter do?

Pipe fitters select the right materials on the basis of isometric drawings and process this metal or plastic material into “spools”: useful pieces of pipe. In some cases the material is pre-fabricated to size (prefab), but usually pipe fitters have to process the material on site (on site): they cut, grind or saw pipes and pipe pieces to the right size and bend them to the right shape . The fitters then assemble these spools, using techniques such as gluing and laminating. Pipe fitters also often use removable connections, so-called flanges, to connect pipes to each other. Large projects often involve fitters who (almost) only deal with flange connections: they are called flange fitters.


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